Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

apologies for the long silence

Apologies for the absence. I have been having problems with Blogger and it's way of organizing photographs, which caused hours of frustrating and unsuccessful shuffling of images.. THEN I learnt that I had reached my image capacity only to be extended once I pay an annual sum of money.. SInce I have no regular visitors that I know of I am not sure this is worth it.. I used to host images on Flickr, set them to private there but publish them here. This is also no longer possible due to changes in permissions on Flickr. Overall a pain.. I was going to give up Blogspot, but I love the friendly format (minus the absolute nightmare of organizing photographs). For now I will keep my blogs, but I am looking around for alternatives.. Wordpress is not quite my thing either, I have active blogs there but the layout is limited and a bit sterile.. I would love your tips.
(woman with a blog habit and an infinite number of images..)

P.s. do please check my tab: 90 Days in San Francisco. There will be a return link to this blog (my Home Blog) on the top of the page. mercie and see you over on the other side of the Atlantic..