Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cambodia last year flooding, this year drought - 2012

Last year the flooding destroyed many crops of rice across Cambodia, causing hardship across the country. This year drought is threatening the harvest. The rainy season should have started in May but until now there is hardly any rain, 11 provinces are affected. My friend Nakry and his family rely on their crop. They have not got enough income to eat well without it. Another failed crop will cause a lot of hardship and malnourishment. I am including a link to a Food Security website with more detailed information about the situation in Cambodia right now. If anything reports like these underplay the seriousness. They are intended to provide factual information, I am concerned for my friends's wellbeing.

In september I will spend some time to try and collect a few modest donations once more. But this year I would like to help Nakry with the fees for a certified french language course. He can't afford it himself, but certificates of his french ability will help him secure better income and greater job security over time. This is something he lacks and wishes for. He hasn't asked me for it but I would like to offer.

If possible I would like to extend this to his 17 year old cousin who being a girl left school when money was tight in the family to work as day labourer on other people's fields. Through Nakry's position as a guide at the Silk Farm outside Siem Reap she might well be able to also get employed there if she can learn english and a second language.

I would like to extend these possibilities to as many of his family members as possible.

the drought is also leaving 4.3 million people short of drinking water.

Friday, August 17, 2012

a deadline is approaching

I am looking for words to write this dissertation that I need to finish by
August the 28th. I'm writing about drawing, about the body and movement..
I will let you know if and when I really get a grasp on what I am trying to say.
In the meantime this is what it feels like to concentrate, access my mind and focus:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

this could be an entry from my diary

of course this wonderful teacher is a lot more senior to me, but what he says is so central to which way I am thinking about Yoga. And I've recently started to feel quite estranged from what seems to be going on with Yoga classes. 'when you are training for a marathon it doesn't matter what you feel... in the yoga practice there is no race...'.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

what I am watching for inspiration today

Yvonne Pouget: "Lu Labbru" from Gianni Lamagna

announcement Artist vs Holistic Professional

Dear friends: just in case you are a little confused if you know me only as a full time artists. I've decided that for better balance in life I would like to contribute more to my own as well as other's wellbeing and sense of balance. I remain adamant to exhibit in Venice at the most glorious Art Biennale there is, rather sooner than later, I continue to make art and take it professionally serious
. But Health is a gift that I would like to remind everyone to value. And I would like to support friends and strangers as they become my students and clients in finding their best balance.

I choose to earn my living not with bar/cafe work or selling items that clutter our beautiful and fragile planet but instead with something that I see as a gift to our health. A gift that leaves no trace other than a sense of wellbeing, improved immune system, greater flexibility, better focus of mind, better sleep.... (endless benefits).. I wonder if you understand this. I would like to invite you to book a treatment with me before the end of august as I have some plans that may take me out of Liverpool (art plans). In january I might teach in Cambodia, which would mean that I will continue bodywork training in Thailand straight after. Which would in turn mean that your next chance of a treatment will be around february/march, at potentially increased cost unless you are an existing client... Don't leave your body hanging, take the opportunity now. Looking forward to seeing you for Massage or Yoga. (if you really want to you can also massage your brain: I still teach German language)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A brief notice

A brief note: I will NOT be offering Fabio style Yoga Classes any time soon, unless money gets even tighter.. I give it about one more week...

This is my good friend Nakry

This is my friend whom I wish I could look out for more. I realize I am not even great in looking out for myself. But all the same: All donations that I can raise go towards his families basic support and beyond that: they have dreams of education ! Like school! Or a year long apprenticeship to become an electrician (Nakry's brother would like of this) Can we make it possible? Do you want to help out?
my paypal account is linked to my e-mail address: birgitdeubner(AT) gmx(dot)net
I forward increments of $100+ via Wstern Union to him and his family. You can read more in earlier posts on this blog. You can follow this link: overthesevenseas.blogspot.co.uk/ most posts are made in 2011, and some before actually. I haven't posted anything new, as there is not much new to say: the need is great. Small help, helps hugely.
I hope to see my friend again in 2013 when I might be going to Cambodia to teach.

*** update: a key post to read about the struggles of many Cambodian families, due to last year's flooding, may be this: overthesevenseas.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/cambodia-5.html