Friday, January 13, 2012

new skills

Traditional Thai Massage, Wat Pho certified
and soon: Thai Foot Massage, currently training at Wat Pho.

What is Wat Pho?
It is a famous temple in Bangkok, but also it is the school of a Southern style of Traditional Thai Massage. THE oldest school to teach Thai Massage and well respected internationally. More important the teachers who taught me have without exception been warm-hearted and very welcoming people. I have had the incredible luck to most days have been taught by one teacher while practicing my new skills on another teacher. This brings the teacher student ratio to 2 to 1.

I am looking forward to beginning to give Thai Massages and Thai Foot massages soon.


update June 1st 2012: now I am fully qualified in General Thai Massage, Advanced Thai Massage, Footmassage with Reflexology and Thai Oil Massage with basic Aromatherapy.
And am available for bookings. Please contact me through the comments section, my website or of course the old fashioned way the letter pigeon.