Thursday, December 28, 2006

..people I met..

Dan Faults..
This is Dan who has been my Cauffeur several times.. And made me feel quite at home.

woman in the background..
Richard, on the first day I met him. The person not in the photo is Agnius. Which is of course just very usefull information to you.

Esther by the pool 25th December 2006..
Esther, from England but living in Japan. Also known as my traffic guardian and driving instructor.
on the 25th by the pool..
Showing off my new Nepalese ring from the Tibetan Settlement, by the pool at the Southern Star Hotel, on the 25th of december.

The middle monk is the boss monk..
This was taken after a long conversation with the monks at the Tibetan Settlement in Karnataka, India. On the 24th of December 2006.

Thursday, December 07, 2006



In Cambodia...

... strategies to gain custom....

Run your potential customer over... This is guaranteed to create a need for transport. (Knowing the long route to the hospital will create extra revenue..)
Point out that you had to use petrol to drive your customer, obviously these foreigners don't know how an engine runs... Insist on extra payment for petrol and state that your original quote was for sitting in the tuck tuck, only, but not for actually going somewhere in it...
Hussle your customer into submission...If she says no 5 times and looks angry then she really does mean :"yes, please, why don't you keep asking..?"
If you see the customer get out of a tuck-tuck, then when she is ready to enter another, pounce on her immediately! There is no such thing as arrival! Make this clear to the customer.
The customer does not know that the tuck-tuck-journey is their reason d'etre. If the customer is not inside a tuck-tuck then the customer can not possible achieve happiness, contentment and will in fact suffer from the excess burden of dollar....