Thursday, December 06, 2012

Happy St. Nicolaus Day

Happy St. Nicolaus Day by Birgit Deubner
Happy St. Nicolaus Day, a photo by Birgit Deubner on Flickr.

Advent Calendar..
I sewed these bags by hand.. I will never sew again if I can help it. I learnt the hard way that I find sewing by hand intensely unpleasant. (One off items are ok, but not 24 Advent Calendar bags)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

apologies for the long silence

Apologies for the absence. I have been having problems with Blogger and it's way of organizing photographs, which caused hours of frustrating and unsuccessful shuffling of images.. THEN I learnt that I had reached my image capacity only to be extended once I pay an annual sum of money.. SInce I have no regular visitors that I know of I am not sure this is worth it.. I used to host images on Flickr, set them to private there but publish them here. This is also no longer possible due to changes in permissions on Flickr. Overall a pain.. I was going to give up Blogspot, but I love the friendly format (minus the absolute nightmare of organizing photographs). For now I will keep my blogs, but I am looking around for alternatives.. Wordpress is not quite my thing either, I have active blogs there but the layout is limited and a bit sterile.. I would love your tips.
(woman with a blog habit and an infinite number of images..)

P.s. do please check my tab: 90 Days in San Francisco. There will be a return link to this blog (my Home Blog) on the top of the page. mercie and see you over on the other side of the Atlantic.. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge tamed by my fingers

When small and Large change roles / Golden Gate Bridge tamed by my fingers

This journey is starting to feel increasingly real... I have just purchased my travel insurance.

So another beginning is just around the corner..
Soon I shall touch Golden Gate Bridge and cycle from Mission to Dolores Park for a morning Yoga Practice. (Oh how optimistic.. will I really do this in the foggy, chilly San Francisco, still sleepy pre-sunrise, mornings? - well.. Why not? But I may look out for some thermals to help the internal fires firing up on the way to the park. Curiously I can already picture the post practice juice in the nearby Cafe so much easier than the practice itself, now why would that be..??)

Then what about middles and endings? Well I will save this for another more reflective time. Until soon my new friends. Stay warm or cool depending on where you are.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

when doing right is maybe equally wrong

Today I caught a thief in the street, who stole from my small struggling local grocery store.. While I held onto him and he returned his bounty I started to feel sad. Pathetic thin pretend-down jacket that he will likely hope will keep him warm this winter. A man in poverty and I caught him stealing. I don't feel good about myself at all. 

I cycled after him as soon as I could get away from the cheers of the shop worker, who called me superwoman and shouted "thief" and "shame" after the thief.. I tried to find him to give him £2. I think he could have used it even more than me. Being as short of money as I was in the last 5 months has really realigned my comprehension of 'not having'. 

Feel sad that I caught a thief and grabbed his jacket, so he couldn't escape a second time. 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It doesn't matter how deep into a posture you go - 
what does matter is who you are when you get there. 
~Max Strom

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one step closer to San Francisco today

At last I finally purchased my flight tickets! All was well until the moment I was prompted to select my return flight, the heart undertook a distinct thud landing. Heavy feelings predicting the way we both will feel as I step through security, leaving the other half behind in America while I board the plane to England. I just know how it will feel for sunny J. to sit on the public transport without me and I won't feel much happier flying in the wrong direction..

So it took me an infinitely long time to arrange my flights and select which felt like they might be good dates. Difficult. And right at the end United Airlines didn't accept Paypal after all. I did all this research and found their page where they are so proud of offering paypal payment options. Nonsense. It was nowhere to be found when I looked for it. So my poor squealing credit card had to stand in once more.

Now I have my ticket. Finally there is a clear schedule! I will relax as soon as I have booked my travel insurance. The silliest things have the power to stop one from flying. So I would like to be prepared just in case. And taking a trip to America without travel insurance would be pure madness anyway.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the winds are changing / change of direction

And today I stood up for myself. In a way that I had not dared to in 4 years. It is a little too early to report the details but I have a feeling that maybe now I can get my voice back. I have never before felt as voiceless as I did in the past 4 years. When I began a particular journey I began it with a strong voice, I was shaken from another life event, but I felt that I had a confident voice that was worth hearing.

I emerged from the journey that I had embarked upon muted, whimpering, voiceless. And it has been a mystery to me where my voice went, why I couldn't retrieve it, why I lost the strong path I had chosen for myself. With my voice I lost vision, too. Perhaps there are some among you who are familiar with the curious phenomenon of when you can not find your glasses and try to have a conversation while your eyes just can not really focus.. And for inexplicable reasons, it should be the opposite, but you just can not hear properly, you can't concentrate on the sounds and you can't focus your mind. All because of the absence of your spectacles that have helped you find the vision in your life.. It is always a huge relief when I relocate these absentee glasses..

Why it might be that I lost my vision as well as my voice? I am not sure exactly, I have theories, but I will leave these to mature a while and write more in another post. Have you ever lost your voice or vision? I would love to hear a little about your feelings and musings. Please be welcomed to post in the comments section.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

new project ...

30 days and my new project will go live:
For more information: please check the page link above '90 days in San Francisco'

Saturday, September 08, 2012

gathering the means to make a journey

I would like to introduce you to my other Blog Surplus Possessions SaleAt the moment I have listed for sale: Yoga mats, Yoga mat bags Handmade Indian Notebooks..
You can buy everything you see, and if it is not linked to an online shop then just ask and I can either send you a paypal invoice or create a custom listing for you. 

*dvds (yes this is where the actual surplus comes in)
*clothing and shoes and
*odds and ends

Making space.. & Making a journey possible..
Read the post: Yoga Mat Bags & story posted on september 8th.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cambodia last year flooding, this year drought - 2012

Last year the flooding destroyed many crops of rice across Cambodia, causing hardship across the country. This year drought is threatening the harvest. The rainy season should have started in May but until now there is hardly any rain, 11 provinces are affected. My friend Nakry and his family rely on their crop. They have not got enough income to eat well without it. Another failed crop will cause a lot of hardship and malnourishment. I am including a link to a Food Security website with more detailed information about the situation in Cambodia right now. If anything reports like these underplay the seriousness. They are intended to provide factual information, I am concerned for my friends's wellbeing.

In september I will spend some time to try and collect a few modest donations once more. But this year I would like to help Nakry with the fees for a certified french language course. He can't afford it himself, but certificates of his french ability will help him secure better income and greater job security over time. This is something he lacks and wishes for. He hasn't asked me for it but I would like to offer.

If possible I would like to extend this to his 17 year old cousin who being a girl left school when money was tight in the family to work as day labourer on other people's fields. Through Nakry's position as a guide at the Silk Farm outside Siem Reap she might well be able to also get employed there if she can learn english and a second language.

I would like to extend these possibilities to as many of his family members as possible.

the drought is also leaving 4.3 million people short of drinking water.

Friday, August 17, 2012

a deadline is approaching

I am looking for words to write this dissertation that I need to finish by
August the 28th. I'm writing about drawing, about the body and movement..
I will let you know if and when I really get a grasp on what I am trying to say.
In the meantime this is what it feels like to concentrate, access my mind and focus:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

this could be an entry from my diary

of course this wonderful teacher is a lot more senior to me, but what he says is so central to which way I am thinking about Yoga. And I've recently started to feel quite estranged from what seems to be going on with Yoga classes. 'when you are training for a marathon it doesn't matter what you feel... in the yoga practice there is no race...'.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

what I am watching for inspiration today

Yvonne Pouget: "Lu Labbru" from Gianni Lamagna

announcement Artist vs Holistic Professional

Dear friends: just in case you are a little confused if you know me only as a full time artists. I've decided that for better balance in life I would like to contribute more to my own as well as other's wellbeing and sense of balance. I remain adamant to exhibit in Venice at the most glorious Art Biennale there is, rather sooner than later, I continue to make art and take it professionally serious
. But Health is a gift that I would like to remind everyone to value. And I would like to support friends and strangers as they become my students and clients in finding their best balance.

I choose to earn my living not with bar/cafe work or selling items that clutter our beautiful and fragile planet but instead with something that I see as a gift to our health. A gift that leaves no trace other than a sense of wellbeing, improved immune system, greater flexibility, better focus of mind, better sleep.... (endless benefits).. I wonder if you understand this. I would like to invite you to book a treatment with me before the end of august as I have some plans that may take me out of Liverpool (art plans). In january I might teach in Cambodia, which would mean that I will continue bodywork training in Thailand straight after. Which would in turn mean that your next chance of a treatment will be around february/march, at potentially increased cost unless you are an existing client... Don't leave your body hanging, take the opportunity now. Looking forward to seeing you for Massage or Yoga. (if you really want to you can also massage your brain: I still teach German language)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A brief notice

A brief note: I will NOT be offering Fabio style Yoga Classes any time soon, unless money gets even tighter.. I give it about one more week...

This is my good friend Nakry

This is my friend whom I wish I could look out for more. I realize I am not even great in looking out for myself. But all the same: All donations that I can raise go towards his families basic support and beyond that: they have dreams of education ! Like school! Or a year long apprenticeship to become an electrician (Nakry's brother would like of this) Can we make it possible? Do you want to help out?
my paypal account is linked to my e-mail address: birgitdeubner(AT) gmx(dot)net
I forward increments of $100+ via Wstern Union to him and his family. You can read more in earlier posts on this blog. You can follow this link: most posts are made in 2011, and some before actually. I haven't posted anything new, as there is not much new to say: the need is great. Small help, helps hugely.
I hope to see my friend again in 2013 when I might be going to Cambodia to teach.

*** update: a key post to read about the struggles of many Cambodian families, due to last year's flooding, may be this:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am so many things:

"Physical Theatre training (basic - maybe intermediate) Professional Artist (accomplished) Yoga Teacher (qualified) Thai Massage Practitioner (qualified) vegetarian/vegan cook (applauded)"

and that's not all: "German teacher (experienced), photographer (experienced), workshop leader & assistant (experienced), Art teacher (very experienced), Art Handling Technician, bookshop employee, Art invigilator, Theatre Lighting Technician, Theatre front of House staff, Volunteer Coordinator, Drama Workshop leader (experienced in them all - except the lighting is so long ago I wouldn't like to call myself proficient now),  dog sitter (yes, I've done that, too), snail hunting (yes)"

Message from the universe,

 via Birgit: A special gift this week for You or your friend

If you come to my house and bring just £20,  90 minutes and your lovely self, THEN I would like to invite you for a footmassage (+ lower leg) this week that will make you feel like you are floating. I will use oils mixed with cream, you will sit back in silence, enjoying the green trees outside of my window and sips of endless herbal tea. 
You would not have a big meal before, but rather eat a little than come hungry. You would have washed your feet that day (small dust and a day's-use-traces no problem at all, that's what they are there for) 
You would smile, cry, breathe, mostly breathe and enjoy your treat. 
Which day is suitable for you?  
Your friend the universe via Birgit. xxx
location: Liverpool UK
+44 (0)7415 188 944

(Normal price for this massage £45-£50, normal low income concession limited to 2 clients per week (on application): £25)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

new items in my etsy shop

and it's the project:
'A wild sheep chase' 
the photo isn't listed, but the drawing is.
CLICK on the sheep to be taken to my shop
to see more drawings. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

my birthday is sneaking upon me

I know I'm not meant to ask, but it would make me extra happy..: 
It's my Birthday on Monday the 23rd.. If you send messages via letter pigeon..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

interview with Richard Freeman

I wish I could embed the whole video, here is a link to it,
below is a snack sized section of the 20 minute interview
(for full interview follow the link above).

I seem to have taken a very long time to find my way to Richard Freeman, from
what I have seen of his talks and practice demonstrations he resonates with me
so much. I am for the first time in years considering to spend real money on a yoga
publication. Perhaps his dvd, perhaps the cd of chants.. Both expensive for me at
the moment, but I think the sooner the better...

I found Sounds True in America (through which Richard Freeman runs an interactive
pranayama talks series) - they have a special offer on his cds and dvds at the moment -
in case the hyperlink doesn't work use the next link and navigate the site:

making truffles

celebrating feeling better

with homemade: organic cocoa, date and nut truffles. no sugar, no butter, no eggs, no dairy, no flour.. delicious !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

daily miracles we forget to notice

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.
(I found this quote on

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BKS Iyengar / The Wealth of Health versus Appearances

There is something so awe inspiring about watching this 45 year old film footage of BKS Iyengar demonstrating asana. Who was the audience? Did they have any understanding or was this a form of outlandish gymnastics to them? After all these years of practicing yoga even I still find it strange to watch a yoga asana practice. It definitely is an experience to be had within, rather than observed externally.
In my parallel life I am a professional Artist, from this perspective I really should promote my work, chase the career, socialize strategically.. The more I practice Yoga Asana, the more my life changes, and it becomes increasingly impossible to abuse my body with 16 hour work days for the sake of appearing ‘successful’. In reality my name gains credential, it does indeed, and at the same time my body gains internal wounds from exhaustion, from one too many times rushed to meet a deadline..
In the past year I have spent significantly more time thinking about the Wealth of Health than about which gallery to attempt to impress into exhibiting and selling my work. I am still finding my way, but while it scares me I also feel that it was the only sensible decision to take a full 18 months out from even considering to make any Art work or engage in the Art crowd. My feet feel like they landed on the ground a little. My health is improving, and still I am fragile. The healthiest years in my life were those when I practiced yoga 3-4 times a week without fail. 6 days a week seems to deplete me.
I believe it is possible that this has to do with my approach to the practice and my approach to the days following. I strongly believe that Ashtanga practice can be restorative, in my experience it was depleting, but I have a feeling that was my way of practicing and living that could have been responsible.
What do you think?

Monday, July 09, 2012

life essentials; in the words of a friend of mine

"Passionate about healthy conscious living in the full spectrum of life: work, relationships and the rest." Julian Giacomelli chief at:

Thursday, July 05, 2012

question: am I extra terrestrial or am I not?

I feel just a little bit like an incomprehensible alien at the moment. Nobody I know well enough leads an alternative life, with long distance relationship spells, and far away travel, and exhibitions at galleries, some of which damage or not return art work for months or longer; and not a plan that is very similar to the plans other people make when they feel they are making a sensible, standard type plan. I think I am incredibly sensible, but certainly not standard. Of the people I know who are not standard, I don't know (m)any who are sensible and plan for the future. My friends, even the ones who on paper aren't actually so standard at all, appear to despair at my lack of standard.. I may after all be an alien. 
standard = average = normal = predictable = steady = having the illusion of being plan-able ≠ actually life isn't plan-able, I understand it may appear so, and I also try and emulate the pattern, the plan-ability but... is life plan-able?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Andrei Ram Om teaching Handstand

lovely insights into how to work towards handstand. I love this.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - Ritual in Motion

A nice introduction to aspects of Ashtanga Yoga Asana practice.
There is just one thing that David Robson says that I disagree with. He says that Asana is difficult, and that it should be difficult. I am not sure I agree. I think it can be gentle and easy, too. Asana being difficult, the way he seems to mean it, seems focused on achievement of a kind that actually I don't support. The implication seems to be that one ought to achieve certain 'goals' that are too attached to the physical 'look' for my understanding. I think Asana can be easy. 

open hearts

In the last days I have been thinking about meeting the world with an open heart. Or rather, I have been thinking about how difficult that can be. I see some other people, their blogs and websites just overflow with open-ness and love for life and the world. 

Monday, July 02, 2012

What every young cow needs..

..a Z300i mobile telephone with digital clock pretending to be an analog one. A discarded doll, 2 combs, some bottles and containers of medicine, various junk and empty coke and pop drinks...


(image DSC_5703)

Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm definitely a communicator

.. I write 300 word messages and e-mails all the time, being generous with information and suggestions and I get back 3 to 7 work replies ALL the time. (Occasionally replies stretch to 2 sentences...)

funny.. Am I over-generous? Or are you annoyed by my wordy communication?

Thai Massage and Yoga Teacher qualifications / ONE definite 'knowable'

below are my recent Yoga teaching and Thai Massage practitioner qualifications. What any qualification you ever achieve should first and foremost remind you of is that these pieces of paper signify the beginning of your journey, or a mark along a journey of learning that will continue forever. If you are to be a good teacher, if you wish to be a good massage practitioner, if indeed you hope to be a good artist, mother, father, friend or lover, then you will know that you have never learnt 'it all', that you are never 'fully qualified'. Our whole lives are lives lived learning if they are lives lived well. My most alive periods of my life have been those in which I was most active seeking understanding and knowledge. You will always find that no matter how many signposts you find along the way, the path forward is kind of unknowable. 
Life will always offer you new learning curves, new reasons to remember or re-learn old lessons learnt but forgotten. There is SO much to learn. Always. That is one definite knowable.

above are my Thai Massage and Yoga qualifications to date:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

treasured fresh handmade paper notebooks from India ...

aren't these notebooks adorable!? 

I have a little bunch of them for sale. The large books are £12 
and the small ones £7. If you buy a large and a small together you will get a £1 discount! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One daily cup of coffee blog and book

You probably already know about my love of coffee.. I used to take photographs of ever coffee I drank. In recent years I didn't keep up as diligently. I think this is a good time to review past coffees
(gathered in my coffee blog as flashback coffee moments) and once I catch up consider a fresh start.
I once had a coffee blog on which I would review coffee qualities and service, ambient and clients of cafe's I visited. I started a postgraduate degree just as I got really into the blogging / critiquing. It may be the future for this coffee blog: One daily cup of coffee.

One Daily Cup of Coffee
Q: What do you think?.. What would you like to see on my coffee blog?
Q: and what would you like to find in my coffee book?
I would love to hear from you.

below is a first draught for my first coffee collection book. It will be small format and paperback. But I would like to build up to a larger book in hardback in the future... Something to enjoy over a cup of coffee... perhaps.

Over 7 Seas & Birgit Deubner Etsy Stores pledge to Donate to a family in Cambodia

This is very important to me:

I WILL DONATE 5% of profit made through Etsy to Nakry's Family in Cambodia. (To calculate I will deduct only production costs, not my time or any other costs)

I will keep a public tally of how much is raised on this blog. I also accept donations for Nakry's family.

The backstory:
I want to donate money to the family of a friend I made in Cambodia. I know first hand of several very good charity and NGO organizations who are active in supporting children and people of all ages to have a better future. I will update this post with a link to my blog that I have to write more about these causes.

My friend's family lost 50-60% of their rice crop to last years terrible flooding that swept across Asia. My friend's name is Nakry, his family live in a small house on stilts, the wood of which is splitting and they fear it will snap if another flood hits them before they can replace it. Nakry's family, like countless families in Cambodia, rely on their family's rice harvest to supplement their basic food needs.

I don't know how cambodian families will get through this time. Food across Cambodia will have run out some time ago (it is June now, the next harvest is not due until around december, most farmers only have enough water supply for one crop a year, few are lucky and can try their luck twice annually)

My friend's name is Nakry, his home has an open door policy welcoming any children from the extended family, if they are hungry Nakry's family will share their already tight food. Tight food? The children of the family have stunted growth, as has Nakry, he is rather small, the children who are 13 years old, look as if they are 7. The loss of the rice crop is dramatic on a family like this. It is all part of why for example Nakry's cousin left school before she finished, to work for small change as day laborer on other people's fields. She is 16, she could have become fluent in french had she stayed in school. This is a can of worms. I hope you will visit my blog when I forward the address in the next weeks (I need to update the stories, or at least make a strong start).

What is needed? Money to flood proof the house, the family fear that the wooden stilts it stands on will snap if the house is submerged once more for 2-3 months in 2 foot / half a meter of water.

collage of quirky leg photographs

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nakry and his Family

I just wanted to anounce that I am still collecting donations for Nakry's family, to help with recovery from last year's flooding. There is a real danger of renewed flooding this year. I would like the family to have a safety net: enough to eat, and maybe the needed tools should their house collapse due to the high water levels. (The stilts of their old house have split last year in the 2 month submerge-ion in the flood waters. It would be good to have a tool kit of some kind of temporary patches to hold it up (I am thinking a sort of brace reinforcement!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

another land of mango trees and coconut water sellers

(written some time ago):
... am I glad we came here!!! fresh cut Mango from the street stalls.. water festival for their new year! Had water thrown at us for hours today - soaked to the bones. Very well natured people, gentle water fighting. NO aggressions whatsoever. SOOOO refreshing and restoring after the country of people who know no boundaries.Pineapple shake for $1 here and it was delicious. SO happy. Glad we came even so we spent too much that we can't afford to spend... Now I feel like we did the right thing. It'll be good for us. I could live here by the way. People, food, culture, grace....
AM SO glad we came here!! It is so extremely refreshing and restorative to be here! The people are so graceful and respectful, gentle and fun loving! It's their New Year and we have been doused in water for hours, the streets are filled with people sporting water guns and buckets....... It looks like there was a monsoon rain but it's just the whole city splashing water over each other, nobody is safe; whether one sits on a rickshaw, bus or moped... chances are everybody is soaked to the bones. VERY much fun and all in gentle humor. Had my first fresh mango cut up into pieces from a street seller. oh YUM
We had a pretty hellish journey to reach here but as soon as we landed it all got better.Our taxi driver - of reasonably old age - had tremendous fun throwing water at pedestrians and rickshaw passengers, while driving us from the airport to our guest house... You should have heard him laugh... infectious fun.
SO happy! The replacement flights cost us terribly much and I wasn't sure if we shouldn't head straight for Berlin but I think we would have arrived SO exhausted there... coming here was the BEST best best choiceJason's heat rash has not shown itself since we reached the airport in Bangalore yesterday and we decided on an airport taxi here today to keep the reappearance of the rash at bay. Same for our first night or two here. Normally we make do with fan rooms, not just to save the wallet but also the planet. But That J isn't getting sick was a bit more important today.So all is beautiful I am so happy to be out of India. For some reason I couldn't take more this time. Which likely has more to do with life and it's uncertainties than with India itself. But wow it is a challenging place and it doesn't even try to dress itself in any other way than: full on and challenging...I'll be taking a break from palak paneer for a while before I'll surely crave it all over again....

Friday, January 13, 2012

new skills

Traditional Thai Massage, Wat Pho certified
and soon: Thai Foot Massage, currently training at Wat Pho.

What is Wat Pho?
It is a famous temple in Bangkok, but also it is the school of a Southern style of Traditional Thai Massage. THE oldest school to teach Thai Massage and well respected internationally. More important the teachers who taught me have without exception been warm-hearted and very welcoming people. I have had the incredible luck to most days have been taught by one teacher while practicing my new skills on another teacher. This brings the teacher student ratio to 2 to 1.

I am looking forward to beginning to give Thai Massages and Thai Foot massages soon.


update June 1st 2012: now I am fully qualified in General Thai Massage, Advanced Thai Massage, Footmassage with Reflexology and Thai Oil Massage with basic Aromatherapy.
And am available for bookings. Please contact me through the comments section, my website or of course the old fashioned way the letter pigeon.