Friday, June 29, 2012

Thai Massage and Yoga Teacher qualifications / ONE definite 'knowable'

below are my recent Yoga teaching and Thai Massage practitioner qualifications. What any qualification you ever achieve should first and foremost remind you of is that these pieces of paper signify the beginning of your journey, or a mark along a journey of learning that will continue forever. If you are to be a good teacher, if you wish to be a good massage practitioner, if indeed you hope to be a good artist, mother, father, friend or lover, then you will know that you have never learnt 'it all', that you are never 'fully qualified'. Our whole lives are lives lived learning if they are lives lived well. My most alive periods of my life have been those in which I was most active seeking understanding and knowledge. You will always find that no matter how many signposts you find along the way, the path forward is kind of unknowable. 
Life will always offer you new learning curves, new reasons to remember or re-learn old lessons learnt but forgotten. There is SO much to learn. Always. That is one definite knowable.

above are my Thai Massage and Yoga qualifications to date:

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