Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One daily cup of coffee blog and book

You probably already know about my love of coffee.. I used to take photographs of ever coffee I drank. In recent years I didn't keep up as diligently. I think this is a good time to review past coffees
(gathered in my coffee blog as flashback coffee moments) and once I catch up consider a fresh start.
I once had a coffee blog on which I would review coffee qualities and service, ambient and clients of cafe's I visited. I started a postgraduate degree just as I got really into the blogging / critiquing. It may be the future for this coffee blog: One daily cup of coffee.

One Daily Cup of Coffee
Q: What do you think?.. What would you like to see on my coffee blog?
Q: and what would you like to find in my coffee book?
I would love to hear from you.

below is a first draught for my first coffee collection book. It will be small format and paperback. But I would like to build up to a larger book in hardback in the future... Something to enjoy over a cup of coffee... perhaps.

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