Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The year that started silently

After having had January, which I was able to spend in near silence in Finland, hearing rarely a sound: February was tough. No work. Self-employment really can be rough. In March I found some German Language students and made enough to survive. April and May lay ahead and I had thought about visiting Finland as well as Germany for a short visit each, but the bomb explosions in Brussels felt just too close to home. Brussels, that lovely friendly airport! Hard to imagine who would want to harm people there.

Considering that finances are tight I will take the safe option and stay at home, focusing on work instead, on teaching German and Yoga, drawing and preparing a few Fine Art project ideas: ready to strike once I reach San Francisco. Yes California ! I'm coming home... to quote Joni Mitchell!

In June we return to the Richmond area of San Francisco, the very end of the peninsula, where only fog horns sound periodically and aside from that there is barely a sound. What a lovely opportunity to be able to come back!

But we managed to plan ahead even more! January & February will most likely see us returning to Thailand! Maybe even India, but probably just Thailand as travel is hard to afford and we are both keen to learn Thai this time.. I am very excited to be able to see my Thai Massage teachers again, further my education, add some new tricks to my repertoire.. Well and I haven't yet told anybody else, but here you can have a secret:

I am working on ideas to propose to some universities for an art research project / teaching curriculum ...  shhhh (the cat is still int he bag for now)

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