Sunday, August 17, 2014

This post is for Maria in Liverpool - I will keep adding to this for you


I think you feel that going away is a huge gigantic step into the unknown and something about it is perhaps quite scary at this moment. So I will slowly compile a list of links and suggestions of women traveling alone or with family, people reporting from their unusual lives as well as a few practicalities that you could take note of.

I will add more links  to this list below whenever I remember more or stumble on more good connections. I will highlight the key ones in bold for you.

The travel insurance company whom I use, you can always ask me why I prefer them to STA travel or many others:

good resource of all kinds of information on travel in Asia (from vias, visa runs, routes and recommendations for short and longer term stays, both cover information for tourism and some for staying to live, work, volunteer or study) - always check the date of forum posts and be mindful that rules and regulations on visas for example change frequently.
specifically for Thailand and a lot of teaching information:
specifically about India:

A Variety of good Women Travel Writing:

I haven't fully explored this list but found a good blog in the line-up:

For Thailand:
actually this particular blog is for a whole range of countries but the link is to a post about Tiger Sanctuaries and everybody should take note and consider before going on elephant rides, snuggling with tigers, visiting human zoos... It is all ok, but be mindful that the place you visit REALLY is acting in the interest of it's inhabitants or else we perpetuate abuse.

Volunteering possibilities that benefit but don't require competing with native English speakers: (I think this is a fantastic program, haven't tried it myself, always search for reviews and have back-up plan ideas, too)  A friend used WorkAway for about 18 months of time spent in France.
I have not checked MOST of the links provided in this list but Workaway & Wwoof are both represented as are about 20 more:

one of the oldest blogs about visiting Mysore for Ashtanga Yoga (I include this because it is a little piece of history):
A more recent blog about Mysore and Yoga and how it all works, written by a woman, I refer to this from time to time. Keep an eye on her other recommendations, she might recommend links and blogs and resources.:

In fact here is a major long list of Mysore Ashtanga Blogs (I obviously have NOT checked them all out, so use your own judgement about what's worth spending time researching there, some VERY good blogs among this list):

links that I have NOT yet checked out, so I am not recommending them but sharing them for your own investigations:

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