Thursday, July 05, 2012

question: am I extra terrestrial or am I not?

I feel just a little bit like an incomprehensible alien at the moment. Nobody I know well enough leads an alternative life, with long distance relationship spells, and far away travel, and exhibitions at galleries, some of which damage or not return art work for months or longer; and not a plan that is very similar to the plans other people make when they feel they are making a sensible, standard type plan. I think I am incredibly sensible, but certainly not standard. Of the people I know who are not standard, I don't know (m)any who are sensible and plan for the future. My friends, even the ones who on paper aren't actually so standard at all, appear to despair at my lack of standard.. I may after all be an alien. 
standard = average = normal = predictable = steady = having the illusion of being plan-able ≠ actually life isn't plan-able, I understand it may appear so, and I also try and emulate the pattern, the plan-ability but... is life plan-able?

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Satu said...

That's how I feel most of the time!