Thursday, July 12, 2012

interview with Richard Freeman

I wish I could embed the whole video, here is a link to it,
below is a snack sized section of the 20 minute interview
(for full interview follow the link above).

I seem to have taken a very long time to find my way to Richard Freeman, from
what I have seen of his talks and practice demonstrations he resonates with me
so much. I am for the first time in years considering to spend real money on a yoga
publication. Perhaps his dvd, perhaps the cd of chants.. Both expensive for me at
the moment, but I think the sooner the better...

I found Sounds True in America (through which Richard Freeman runs an interactive
pranayama talks series) - they have a special offer on his cds and dvds at the moment -
in case the hyperlink doesn't work use the next link and navigate the site:

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