Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This is my good friend Nakry

This is my friend whom I wish I could look out for more. I realize I am not even great in looking out for myself. But all the same: All donations that I can raise go towards his families basic support and beyond that: they have dreams of education ! Like school! Or a year long apprenticeship to become an electrician (Nakry's brother would like of this) Can we make it possible? Do you want to help out?
my paypal account is linked to my e-mail address: birgitdeubner(AT) gmx(dot)net
I forward increments of $100+ via Wstern Union to him and his family. You can read more in earlier posts on this blog. You can follow this link: most posts are made in 2011, and some before actually. I haven't posted anything new, as there is not much new to say: the need is great. Small help, helps hugely.
I hope to see my friend again in 2013 when I might be going to Cambodia to teach.

*** update: a key post to read about the struggles of many Cambodian families, due to last year's flooding, may be this:

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