Tuesday, November 08, 2011

journey south next week


we will be back in Bangkok very briefly next monday on our way to Cambodia, where we hope the flood waters have receded by now. This photograph is from the river crossing ferry terminal 2 weeks ago. The man on the left is Heng, he is pointing to the center of an elevated walkway which also is submerged. That day several passengers (tourists mainly) had fallen off the walkway into 1 meter deep water...

We promised to visit Heng before we leave Thailand. We left a handful of provisions with him (dried noodles and a big bag of roasted cashew nuts being the most useful of them).

We are looking forward to the bus journey south, all in all it will take around 24 hours to reach Siem Reap. I'm excited to soon be seeing my friend again and to be able to help out a little bit with the costs of recovering from the flood's damages. Hoping that acquiring seeds for re-planting won't be too steeply priced!

If anybody is still interested in contributing to the small support effort then do please get in touch. You can transfer money into my account and just let me know how much you put in, I haven't got my internet banking set up correctly so won't be able to view what's there without you telling me. (small sums from £5 upwards are definitely ok. Best would be £10-£20 if you are able. More is of course even better. To give some idea of costs: here in Thailand we are occasionally able to buy 600ml waterbottles for 5 - 7 baht. We never pay more than 10 baht a bottle. It's 48 Baht to the £. Ideally we should be able to buy 8 bottles of water for a pound. More often than not it's 5 bottles. But that's pretty good still.. Street meals can be found for 25 baht a meal. 50 pence.. - we aren't always that lucky, it's a little tricky with me being vegetarian and being particular about not sharing my plate with minced pork or similar).

More soon.

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