Thursday, November 16, 2006

Over the Seven Seas and the seven mountain with the seven dwarfs I will be..

...november 11th

(The photograph above is by Peter Hagerty who documented my performance on saturday the 11th of November 2006)

I am beginning to make some sense of the leaving chaos, have made all the calls one can think of to make (banks, phone, airline company... to let everyone know everything they may feel they need to.)

I am still short of a lodger, which is crazy, considering that I am renting out my room for less than it would cost to rent a shoebox under a bridge in Warrington, or some other random place..
Perhaps Adam from Museum Man will be interested.. It is all very tight for time.
Departure: saturday 5am, and then take off at 9.20am. Arrival in Thailand some crazy amount of hours later. Point of final destination (Cambodia) maybe by next week wednesday, thursday.

Now I just want to sleep.

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