Tuesday, October 04, 2011

new links for Our Cambodia Project and additional thoughts:


I will make sure that my friends know about this although I doubt the budget will be big enough to cover all 215.662 affected families.... I will make sure to buy and share food when I am there: spending more time with local families sharing meals that the families might normally not be able to afford - I'll bring along dried or fresh fish and vegetables for example and ask to be shown how to cook traditionally khmer.

This ensures they get more nutrition than they have budget for and I learn something which I will share with.... YOU.

And the overall bill is likely still not going to exceed what the tourist cafe Le Tigre de Papier (which I ) would charge for banana pancakes, fresh juice and an espresso.... Sharing is GOOD.

(Did you notice? The heart is a link...)

from a letter I just posted (October 11th)

This is normally a private blog, but I have a few posts that I am setting
aside for trying to raise what is possible for my friends and who I find
when I arrive in Cambodia.

My specific location will be the province around Siem Reap. While this
is very close to Angkor Wat the poverty just 45 minutes out of the small
town Siem Reap is clearly visible. I have been to India, too, I have seen
poverty in more than these two countries, and I know the needs are enormous
but I always feel that if the majority of people believed in small changes and
acted in small ways, rather than capitulate, then unbelievably huge changes
could happen. Sadly it seems inspiration and hope are a poverty affecting
too many of those whose small support would make such a great impact once

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