Thursday, February 07, 2013

Chinese New Year is on the doorstep

Another opportunity to remember how fleeting time is. It seems a little like yesterday when it was the first day of the year, when we might have thought about making time to take stock and refresh our plans for the time ahead.. and then you blink and a month went by. 

In comes the Chinese New Year. Another chance to celebrate the constant passing and constant arriving of time.This photograph is quite old, 7 years ago. If I just think of all that came and went in those years... So much that I could not have imagined. Such a variety of experiences.. I was stalked, I loved, I lost, I fought for my career, I won some I lost some.

I didn't know then that in the same year I would make my way to far away places, or that I would begin this blog, even. Within a year from taking this photograph I started a new life, found courage, lost treasures, heard the Dalai Lama speak, while I was surrounded by 100's of Tibetan monks, was touched by Pattabhi Jois and the (at the time) stern teaching of Sharath his grandson, as much as I was touched by his smile when I finally 'got it'.. I met dawn and dusk in Cambodia and opened my eyes to the world and my Self. I understood so much and misunderstood more. I found lessons to chew on for life. ... So much happened. And I didn't write about it yet. We should catch up one day and exchange stories.

These past 7 years have been intense. This february I may take the opportunity to begin to shed that skin of story.. That skin of life. It is time to continue to grow and once in a while we need a new skin to do it in. Like the huge ghecko I once watched climb out of his skin, still looking bewildered by the change (or my camera lens). When I think back to all these people and experiences that passed through my life in these past 7 years I feel incredibly enriched and incredibly confident that there is little reason why the coming 7 years shouldn't be just as survivable and quite possibly even amazing! The pains I felt and grew out of, emotional pains, body pains, growing pains... 

Maybe I can tell you about some of these skins and cocoons I built and shed. 

I feel courageous to leap ahead into the future today.

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